Construction Process

  1. Land Acquisition
While selecting land/plot please carefully check b/m documents,
  • Proper lease and title documents of the person who is selling it. Always directly purchase land form the person who hold the title of property.
  • Get it verify from the local revenue offices (Patwari, Tehsildar, SDM etc)
  • If lease is for Agricultural, industrial, amenities etc then use of land for construction of house or commercial space is illegal.
  • If you getting plot from a society or builder then check relevant NOCs from regulators like LDA, KDA, SBCA, PDA, DHA, Cantonment Boards, Revenue Department etc. Get the NOC verified from the concerned department.
  • Get the land transfer in your name before starting any construction activity at the plot.
  1. NOC and Permission for Construction
  • Get necessary permission from the regulators before starting any activity at plot
  • Regulators vary in every part of Pakistan, some regulators names are Revenue Department, Development Authorities like KDA, LDA, QDA, PDA, FDA, DHA, SBCA, PBCA, Cantonment Boards etc.
  • In the absence of NOCs you will face problems like illegitimacy of your property, Problem in getting utility connections and getting mortgage from Banks etc.
  1. Architectural Design
  • People have some misconception that involving Architects results in increasing cost, which is totally wrong, as Architect comprehensively design a plot as per your requirements and leaving no room for wastage of materials and space. Nowadays Architects have 3D design softwares which provide you the fair enough idea of your future space utilization, interior and elevation.
  • You must get architectural design from some good qualified architects.
  • Suggested to get couple of design options from Architect one or two from your point of view and one or two from him purely without any of your feedback.
  1. Structural Design
  • Just like people mentality on using Architects, people think that use of Structural designers will increase cost, which again is totally wrong as Structural designers optimize the use of steel and concrete while considering safety. This helps in cost reduction and safety of structures. On the other hand unqualified persons either put more steel than required or put less steel than requirement. Steel if used excessively also as dangerous as steel use less than requirements of design.
  • Select PEC approved consultants for the structural design.
  1. Construction
  • Try to involve those vendors either who are qualified Engineers or at least have employed qualified Engineers.
  • There is another misconception that everyone can do construction and everyone can become contractor. This apparently seems low cost but eventually cost you very dear in terms of quality, life of construction and wastage of materials.
  1. Interior Design
  • If you have budget you may go for interior design for appropriate interior decoration of house/building. As generally if we don’t hire Interior designers then either building are overly decorated or inappropriately decorated.
  • Again for interior designs hire qualified and professional interior designers.
7. Plumbing
  • Try to get proper plumbing design from MEP designers as proper design not only save your initial/capital cost but your operational cost as well.
  • It also saves building from dampness which is a major source of building deterioration in Pakistan.
  • Proper plumbing design ensure the appropriate water at every outlet, good efficiency of Geysers, proper drainage pipes, overall sewer system etc.
  • Use CPVC pipes for plumbing instead of UPVC
  • Use good local/international brands for sanitary fittings. Their life is long and they save wastage of water.
  • Again try to get proper Electrical drawings of your building from qualified MEP consultants.
  • Never rely on the unqualified electrician.
  • Proper drawings again will save your capital cost and operational cost in longer run.
  • Proper design will cater your building’s requirements appropriately and save you from the common issue of short circuits, which causes huge losses.
9. Cement
  • Use locally made cements which are far better in quality than imported ones.
  • Cement bags should not be more than 6 months old.
  • There should not be lumps in the bag, if lumps are found in cement bags it means cement is expired and not fit for use.
  • Try to buy cement from manufacturers whose factories are near to you it will provide you better cement quality.
  • In waterlog areas and areas near sea/coastal belt use SR (Sulphate Resistant) Cement. It provides long life to structure against salts and moisture.
10. Sand
  • Good sand is not available in all areas of Pakistan, the best sand quarries are Bolari (Nooriabad), Malir Riverbed, Sui,
  • A good sand is the one which generally have less than 5% clay content.
  • Thumb rule to check the sand is take the sand upto half of the Glass Jar and fill it with water then mix it thoroughly and leave it for an hour the clay/impurities cntent will deposit at the bottom of glass and you can check the percentage.
11. Crush
  • Crush generally available in almost all the Pakistan the best quarries are Quetta, Hub, Nooriabad, Margalla, Sargodha,
  • Try to use 1” down mix crush in concrete or as recommended by your consultant.
  • The higher the powder in crush means the poor the quality.
  • Avoid to use same size crush.
12. Concrete
  • In big cities if available try to use Ready Mix concrete. It cost you less and due to controlled environment quality of concrete is generally far better than the hand mix or mixer machines (commonly used).
  • Concrete temperature should be between 5 C to 35 C
  • If atmospheric temperature is below 5 Cthen use anti freezing chemicals.
  • If atmospheric temperature is more than 35 Cthen use Ice to reduce the temperature.
  • If you don’t take care concrete temperature, then it will result in minor to major cracks in the structure.
  • After mixing concrete must be poured with 30 minutes if any delay then use chemicals(admixtures) which can increase the setting time but it can’t go beyond 3 hours.
13. Admixtures
  • Admixtures are chemicals which can enhance the concrete properties and working.
  • There are many local and international brands are available who supply admixtures to different needs.
  • Some of the admixture uses are anti freezing, increase setting time, reduce setting time, water proofing, foam concrete etc.

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